My Web Presence

I’ve been on a technology journey for the past few years.  While I am not a whiz by any means, I am a firm believer that to be relevant for our students, teachers must have decent technology skills.  I don’t mean that we all need to be able to be building web sites.  We need to be aware that there are many many web tools available to provide information, organize thinking, facilitate communication, create knowledge, and demonstrate learning.  And we need to have the skill to be able to find, use, and share them with our students. Remember though that good pedagogy is far more important than any tech tool and teachers must use their judgement to ensure that the use of technology is not only enhancing learning and skill development but enhancing and creating knowledge.  Here’s what I’m doing on line… so far.

My Twitter Page  – 140 characters of information and ideas just scrolling by.  It’s a good place to pick and choose what you think looks interesting when you have the time.  And now I’m learning that it’s a good place to share!

My Live Binder Bookmarks – I had a hard time finding a social bookmarking site that I liked. This was the best I could find because I liked the format.  And while it is not interactive, in that you could add your own bookmarks to my list, there is tons of good info on the Live Binders site for educators.  Take a look at the featured binders… I didn’t need to collate sites for you, plenty of other people have already!

LinkedIn – I’m still figuring this one out. I’ve got my profile done and I’m connecting here and there but have yet to fully figure out the advantages of this service.

Facebook – I don’t use Facebook professionally other than to link my blog posts.  Just checking in with family and friends here.  And I play a couple of mindless games – don’t judge me!

Pintrest – I’ve got mosty ‘mom stuff’ on here with recipes and cleaning ideas. I have found some neat teaching ideas and have made a couple of boards for those ideas.  I’m not a big user of pintrest but go on the occasional binge of collecting ideas ideas that I’ll probably never use.


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