Periodically I get the urge to write.  I’m not that prolific though. Sometimes it’s just because I think I might have something helpful or interesting to say.  I guess that’s why bloggers do what they do!  And sometimes that urge is very much driven by a work related requirement. Here are some samples of the writing I have done related to projects at work.

I have been passionately participating as a member of the Project Committee for the Tri-Municipal Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment and Intervention Protocol.  I have been acting as the writer for the Protocol which culminated in a multi-agency signing ceremony on April 8, 2014.

Tri-Municipal Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment & Intervention Protocol – Signed

As the PSD AISI Cycle 5 Coordinator, I was responsible for writing a literature review that supported our AISI project, “Knowing Yourself as a Critical Thinker“. (2012)

Critical Thinking and Assessment As Learning – Interconnected and Student Involved

As a New Principal in Mayerthorpe, I was afforded the luxury of being provided with a mentor.  Ruth LeBlanc was a great support, sounding board and provided much encouragement. At the time, I had just finished reading Leading Learning Communities: What Principals Should Know and Be Able To Do. The PLC Model really resonated with me as a way to empower teachers and I undertook to implement the PLC model for our staff meetings.  Ruth encouraged me to share my experience and together we wrote an article.

Check out it out on p. 15.  CASS Connection – Spring 2005


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