I’m Finally Here!


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Well it’s been a long time coming and it was by no means easy, but here I am.  I’ve known for almost a year now that I’ve needed to get this blog up and running.  First it was this not so subtle voice of my Principal, George Couros, asking me pretty much every week last year when was I going to get my blog started.  As he’s one of these fellows who follows a lot of technology trends (understatement) and I was still investigating this whole technology business, I heard him but reserved judgement.  I’m a busy gal and have to choose my priorities.

It didn’t take long, once I started actually following a few blogs, to realize that blogging myself would be an important part of elevating my own professional practice.  So step one, let’s get this set up and running!  Well, when I made the (deferred) decision to do this, I was living out the in the cyber-hinterlands of dial-up connectivity.  There was no way that I could do this when each page I wanted to open could take up to a minute to load.  I just tested at least a dozen themes setting this up tonight, that would have been a couple of days worth of time!!

Just a point to make here, for all of you ed-tech folks who are leaping and bounding upon all kinds of engaging tools that enhance your practice and instruction…  There are still some people who are well educated and interested and innovative who have issues with connectivity.  Sometimes it’s by conscious choice to make other things in life a priority.  In my case it was accidental. Our acreage was on a north facing hill requiring access to a south facing cell tower. Anyway, we’ve moved, for many reasons other than wi-fi (but that’s a whole ‘nother story) and now I actually have to tools to do this.

As a reflective person, I initially  took some time to think about what would I have to write about that others might want to read.  “Oh, pshaw!” I said to myself.  “Who would want to read what I write?”  Well, I think that I’ve come to realize that there’s a false assumption there.  I figure that I’ll probably have a pretty small number of people who actually read this.  Reader windows scroll by pretty quickly once you start following a few blogs, so I’ll just be rolling past most people who follow me, I’m sure.  There will be a few of my colleagues who will read pretty faithfully because it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what your supervisor is thinking about.  But in the end, George’s words come back.  Taking the time to formally reflect on your experience and practice does force you to define your thinking and become more intentional in your practice.

So here I am hoping to clarify my thinking on mostly educational issues/concerns that I am wrestling with at the moment.  As a wife and mom of three boys currently aged 3 to 13, I’m certain that I’ll be wrestling with managing my professional and personal balance.  Finally, as time goes on, and I keep my commitment to post here regularly, I’m hoping that anyone who chooses to read my posts will get a picture of my educational views and will share theirs with me.

Welcome to my blog!


6 thoughts on “I’m Finally Here!

  1. George Couros (@gcouros)


    I am so happy that you have started this blog as I know that it will not only help you in the reflective practice that you have discussed in this post, but it will also be so beneficial to have your knowledge and expertise shared with the world! You are an incredible leader and have so many gifts that will benefit so many kids around the world through your sharing. I am looking forward to the ideas that you share in the future!

    Good luck!

    1. pbrainedthoughts Post author

      Thanks George. I appreciate your support and thanks, also, for being that motivational voice. I’m looking forward to doing this. I can already feel my thinking shift as I wonder about potential blog topics.

  2. D Propp

    Looking forward to hearing more of what you have to say.
    At this point I only use a blog to communicate with my own staff. They have to listen to what I say (not likely!!). Maybe some day I’ll get skilled enough to share my thoughts with the Webiverse.

    1. pbrainedthoughts Post author

      Thanks. Based upon my experience with George’s encouragement and my own reflections about this whole blogging thing, my guess is that you are probably already that skilled. 🙂

  3. coleksyn


    I was so pleased to come across your blog today. You are an educator with great wisdom and experience, especially in alternative education, and I look forward to your posts.

    I appreciate your insight on blogging being a forum to fine tune your philosophy and practice. I must agree and have found it to be true in my own life. There is something “bigger than oneself” that occurs when we put our reflections out there. Regardless of readership or comments, personal and professional growth is always a result.

    Now if we can just see you tweeting more 😉

    1. pbrainedthoughts Post author

      Thanks, Carlene.

      And I see that you are a blogger too! I look forward to checking your site out later this week as it’s almost bedtime. I must admit I’m somewhat surprised the speed and magnitude of the blogosphere. It appears that my posts have been tweeted out a few times. And I’ve gained a whole bunch of twitter connections today too. So who knows about the tweeting… At the very least, I’ll be tweeting out my blog posts.

      Take care.



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